For thousands of years, humans chewed on things created by nature – until the natural was replaced by plastics.
Today’s non-biodegradable chewing gum is a major problem. It is littering our streets, and the microplastics end up in our nature and waterways, eventually making their way into our food chain. Most people are still unaware of the negative gum effect.
It is now time to change the game.

We therefore decided to create Sweden’s only chewing gum factory from scratch, designed to reinterpret and revitalize chewing gum for the modern age and accelerate the phase-out of chewable plastics. We’re on a mission to make natural products the better option, making sure people don’t feel that choosing natural means making a compromise for the greater good. To do good should taste good. We act contrary to the artificial and mass-produced by reclaiming the use of natural ingredients and rethinking industrial production. We challenge conventions and redefine the chewing gum experience, to create a world where nobody chews on plastic.
The chew factory is our magic playground. What comes out of it is always all-natural, fully biodegradable, tasty and full of surprise.
Chew Folk. Taste the Change.


If you look at the ingredient list on regular gum you will find the word “gumbase”.
Gumbase is the part of the gum that gives a chewy texture and is later discarded.
This word hides synthetic plastic and other chemicals they would rather not speak of.


It can take hundreds of years for regular gum to break
down, as synthetic plastics are not biodegradable.


Around 80-90% of chewing gum is not disposed of properly and is the second most
common form of litter after cigarette butts. Globally we litter around 100,000 tons of gum
on a yearly basis. That is a lot of plastic on our streets, in nature, and in our water supply.

Our Peppermint gum will give that refreshing and deliciously fresh flavor one has come to expect. It is the essential gum to carry with you for all occasions.

The delicious combination of fresh tangy lemon and zesty ginger makes this one a favorite for many folks.

Get into the summer mood with a burst of strawberry sweetness mixed with an intriguing hint of elderflower; it is happiness for your taste buds.

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